I’m not crazy about competitions, but I entered a few to see how my work compares to the “big guys” with crews, writers, etc.

I remember being in a big ad agency once and seeing their Tellys on display. I had just as many as they had! That’s when I stopped entering competitions.

In every video competition I’ve entered, something good has happened!


Art Alliance of Idyllwild – Eye of the Artist Event – 2013 – Second Place, Photography. Event Theme: Sensuality

Daffodils Meeting
Daffodils Meeting


“Dreams Come True – Idyllwild’s Lemon Lilies Come Home”

Idyllwild Independent Festival of Cinema • Official Selection in Short Film Category 2011

It didn’t win an award, but I was honored that it was selected as an official entry!

“Caspers Wilderness Park – Orange County’s Treasure”

Telly Awards in Environment, Cinematography, and Government Relations 2005 

“Tracks in the Sand – Saving the Catalina Island Fox”

Telly Awards in the categories of Environment and Fundraising 2002

“Second Chances – The Orange County Bird of Prey Center”

Communicator and Videography Environmental awards 2001

“The Swallows of Capistrano”

Communicator honorable mention – Music Scoring and Environmental 2000