Craig D. Aaron – Custom Jewelry Design

This was another documentary production that did not involve nature and wildlife, but I’m beginning to consider artists, writers and musicians as “wild things” anyway. They definitely experience the world in their own unique way.

Craig Aaron is an incredibly talented artist in Lake Arrowhead, California, and creates spectacular custom jewelry for his clients using the ancient lost-wax casting method. No computer technology is involved. 

I created a three part video presentation for him – The first shows how he works with clients to create custom designs. The second is a documentation of the lost-wax casting method, from the shaping of the wax to the final product. The final section is a video catalogue of his custom pieces and collections.

About the Artist

What a creative artist! And how skilled he is in understanding what each client wants, from the material to be used to the finest detail of the finished piece.

This 2-minute video describes the collaborative process in designing a custom piece for a client.

The Lost-Wax Casting Demonstration

Once the design is approved, it’s on to actually creating the piece.

I was able to spend time with Craig as he created a spectacular piece of custom jewelry – a custom ring setting for an heirloom ruby. I was able to document the first shaping and carving of the wax to the final polishing of the finished piece.

I certainly have a new appreciation for Craig’s artistry and wished to share my admiration in the production in this 5-minute video. The lost-wax casting method is amazing!

Creations and Collections

I also wanted to showcase the beauty of his individual creations, and decided to show each piece against a black background. Wow. Beautiful.

This piece is 12 minutes and showcases some of Craig’s work.


Now Craig has a documentary of his work and his products to share with clients, and I was blessed to spend time with a talented artist and see his beautiful creations, up close and personal!

And I fell in love with an acorn pendant from his Mountain Collection that I just had to have. Bonus.

Craig has created a beautiful studio is in Lake Arrowhead Village Professional Suites. Stop by and see his creations! Or visit his website: