Lemon Lilies

Lemon Lily on Lily Creek
Lemon Lily on Lily Creek

When I moved to Idyllwild in 2010, the community was uniting around the environmental cause of restoring Idyllwild’s Lemon Lilies.

Of course, I wanted to be involved! A short film, a t-shirt design, a book, photos, and a curriculum for kids. What a year!

More information on the Lemon Lilies page!

The Community

There are so many passionate people (“Wild Things”) and causes to be involved with!

I’ve volunteered time with lots of organizations, including

The Lemon Lily Festival

The Art Alliance of Idyllwild

Idyllwild Nature Center, County of Riverside

The Idyllwild Historical Society

Spirit Mountain Retreat

Idyllwild Scholarship Fund

Forest Folk