Idyllwild’s Lemon Lilies – Restoring a Community Treasure

Lemon Lily Short Film

I moved to Idyllwild when the community was organizing an effort to save and restore the Lemon Lily – a spectacular mountain wildflower that grows in Idyllwild and only a few other places on earth. Of course, I had to make a video!

I put together my favorite photos of Lemon Lilies and put together a 3-minute short film on the restoration of Idyllwild’s native Lemon Lily. This short film was selected an an official entry in the first Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema in 2011. Yay!

THE STORY – The Lemon Lily is a wildflower that grows only in a few mountain locations on the planet, and it almost disappeared in Idyllwild in the early 1900s due to the “bulb hunters” of the time. The few lilies that remained were primarily in remote locations.

Due to the efforts of a few lemon lily lovers, the descendants of the Idyllwild’s Lemon Lilies were located, purchased through community donations, and restored to their creekside homes.

To celebrate the restoration efforts, the Idylllwild community celebrates the Lemon Lily Festival each July.