Second Chances – The Orange County Bird of Prey Center

Wildlife rehabbers are my heroes.

In 2000, I attended a Sierra Club event and became aware of the great work that the Orange County Bird of Prey Center was doing.

The Orange County Bird of Prey Center is operated by Scott Weldy, DVM, who dreams of having a large center to better care for Orange County’s orphaned and injured and orphaned birds of prey.

To help with this effort, I donated “Second Chances” to his organization, in hopes that it will help in the center’s fundraising efforts.

This production won awards (Communicator and Videography Environmental awards 2001), and it was a joy to make. Being in the flight pens with lots of young great horned owls was a real treat!

I ended up sponsoring several birds of prey. And buying sponsorships for friends and family.

Being in the flight cages with rehabilitated birds and watching Scott effortlessly catch them and prepare them for their release – and then watching these magnificent birds take off for their “second chance” at life – What a thrill.