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About This Site

I used to love iWeb. It was so easy to set up a website. But times have changed, and now it’s all about WordPress and responsive web designs. (Responsive designs automatically reconfigure themselves to look good on mobile devices and iPads.)

I hate to admit it, but I avoided updating this site for YEARS. And I finally I had to get with the times.

I had lots of videos embedded in the old site, but that didn’t work as well with WordPress as having a YouTube account, uploading videos there, and posting the YouTube code in WordPress so the videos play on the site. OK. So I set up a YouTube account to handle all that, recompressed all the videos for YouTube, and posted the code on the site.

And, of course, I wanted to change colors, and customize the appearance of the site, so I had to learn enough code to get by. (I’m NOT a pro coder, but I’m determined to find the best way to do something.)

This site has lots of features that I like to see in websites: image sliders (optimized file size for the web), a blog, a contact form, videos, pdf downloads of larger files, etc.

There’s WAY more content here than most people need, but I really wanted an archive of some of my favorite projects over the years.

And it started with just the 5 basic pages: Home, About, Services, Blog, and a Contact page.

I’m always tweaking the site, and will be adding social media links and lots more photos.

Some of My Other Websites

Idyllwild Things –

Regular postings of Wild Things in Idyllwild

Avianna’s PhotoBlog – 

Regular postings of Wild Things in Idyllwild and beyond

Science of Mind for Kids –

Website for the first Science of Mind book

Spiritual Living for Kids –

Site for new book in progress

The Power Puppies Play the Earth Game –

Website for a kid’s book in progress

Grandmother Mountain Stories –

A website to accompany my book, Dreams Come True: Idyllwild’s Lemon Lilies Come Home (The last of the iWeb sites …)

Avianna Jones –

A one page site that links to my other sites and has a downloadable resume


Joan Leal Carter, Artist –

What an honor to do a website for an amazing artist. I incorporated custom headers for each page and a couple of image sliders. Beautiful. Joan maintains the site and does her own blog posts.

Erica Powell Fleischmann, Palm Springs Harpist –

Oh my gosh. What a beautiful, amazing musician! This site captured the beauty of the desert and the artist, with custom headers on each page. Erica maintains her site and has added a calendar of her events and audio files.

Forest Folk – forest

A bare-bones site for a local non-profit that has just the necessary information. I created the logo and header for the organization.

Idyllwild Scholarship Fund –

Another site for a local non-profit with lots of information for the community and scholarship applicants, including a downloadable application. I created the header using their logo and fonts. The organization maintains their site.

WordPress Website Fees

I believe that every passionate person should have a website. And it should be affordable.

When I researched what other people were charging for WordPress websites, I was amazed. And not in a good way. Lots of things I routinely do at no charge were REALLY pricey.

Here’s an article at on website pricing: “How Much Should a Website Cost?”

Here’s What I Charge

$100 consultation to meet with you and set up your WordPress account and an email address for your domain (your name @ your domain.) You may not need this.

$100 consultation to meet with you and develop a plan for your site. We’ll identify the purpose of your site, a call to action, and identify all the resources we’ll need to tell your story (product shots, testimonials, etc.)  We’ll also identify a “look and feel” for your site (header, sidebars, colors, layout, etc.)

I’ll interview you and learn about your passion and your business, and make lots of suggestions for cool things to emphasize as we tell your story.

Then I’ll go away and create your site. Five pages at $100 per page (Welcome/Home, About, Blog, Services or Gallery, and Contact.) Five page minimum. Additional pages are $100 each.

What’s Included

Copy Editing and Creation. If you already have copy you are happy with, we’ll use that. If you want me to edit your copy or start from scratch, I’m happy to do that at no charge.

Image Slider. One image slider with 6 images, optimized for the web. This can be on your home page or a gallery page. I’ll run each of your images through Photoshop and reduce the file size for you.

Photo Optimization and Manipulation. Three per page. Maybe they need cropping or tweaking.

Video Embedding. If you have videos posted on a YouTube (or other  site), I’ll embed them at no charge.

Custom Header. I’ll design a custom header for you in PhotoShop using your logo and other information you want to include.

Links to Social Media. FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc.


Image Manipulation, Content Creation, Graphic Design. $40 per hour. One hour minimum. If you want to include another image slider somewhere, have more photos, want more content creation (like a resume that can be converted to a pdf download), or other things above and beyond.

Already Have a Website? Get Started with a Free Consultation

Contact me for a free consultation. I would be happy to take a look at your website and give you some feedback!

Web Video 

There are lots of options to tell your story!


Here’s a simple 3-minute slideshow using still photos with a royalty-free music track* that I created for a puppy shower. The photos were taken from Facebook.

For more information about the project, go to the Mayor Max page.

But maybe you want to do a voice over with a polished script. Here is “Water Is Life” – a 1-minute piece created from Eddie Rigdon’s photos from Africa. I created the title sequence and scripted the piece. Eddie did the narration. (Or I could narrate your slideshow.)

For more information about the project, go to the Water Is Life Charity page.


Maybe you have lots of iPhone or digital video. You could send it to me by Dropbox and I could edit it for you.

See “Wild Dogs” for an example of how far you can go with iPhone video and Facebook photos, some Hollywood titles, and royalty-free music! This 9-minute movie was so much fun to do!

For more information about the project, go to the Mayor Max page.

Full Documentary Productions

I can create a full documentary of your work that would include information about you, the process you use to create your work, and an exquisite product showcase. And I can turn it into a DVD that you can loop in your business and use to show clients and customers how you work and what you create.

I did this for Craig Aaron, custom jeweler in Lake Arrowhead. For more information, check out Craig Aaron’s page.

This 2-minute video describes the collaborative process in designing a custom piece for a client.

Here’s a 5-minute demonstration of the lost wax casting method used in custom jewelry design and creation.

And here is a 12-minute product showcase of some of Craig’s creations.


If you sell products that require instruction, you might want a product demonstration and some testimonials for your product. I created this for Grid Art.

Check out the Infomercials and Commercials page for more information.

What I Charge

It depends … on how much content I need to create (grab some stills from Facebook? location shooting?, etc.), how fancy you want the titles and graphics to be (motion graphics? key frame animation? etc.), delivery method (YouTube for sure! DVD that loops? etc.)

So contact me and let me know what you need!

*Why royalty-free music is important: If you haven’t properly licensed the rights to use music, YouTube will let you know about it!

I have a HUGE library of music I’ve licensed. So no YouTube worries.